We are an audio branding agency —

"Audio branding is about making your brand felt, understood and embraced by the consumer, in a seemingly effortless way"

Great brands know how to immerse themselves in the daily lives of their customers.
A powerful tool to do this is sound.

By converting brand personality and values into sound assets, we create a strong and honest brand-consumer relationship. Enhancing the brand identity and recognizability. Creating a connection that goes deep, and beyond linguistic and visual boundaries.

In combining talent from advertising and brand strategy, music production, classical composition and post-production, we form a strong and passionate company. Every client we work with is given a unique and fitting approach.

We are an ambitious company that believes in collaboration, and an element of surprise to keep our work fresh.

Our client list includes some of the world’s best-known brands.


Our services vary from music for TVC & digital to complete sonic architectures for brand communications at all touch-points.

Audio Strategy

Sonic branding

Sound Logo

UX Sound Design

Music for advertising

Physical Space Sound Design

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