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About Us

A creative audio studio for branded content, commercial and film.

E J J I is formed around electronic music producer Joris Tillmans and classical musician / composer Willem Vonken. Coming from completely different musical backgrounds their approach to a project always involves a tension between musical styles and disciplines, resulting in exciting pieces that provoke a sense of urgency and momentum.

With a dedicated collective of collaborating artists, producers, composers, musicians and sound designers, E J J I is ready to cover industry standard production and post production requirements, from beginning to end.  

Joris is part composer, part sample artist, and part sound effects guy. As a former sound engineer in The Netherlands’ high-end live venues, he worked with artists in all musical genres. This broadened his understanding of different music styles and the sub-cultures & targeted audiences linked to them. Today it helps him to choose the right approach when producing music for picture.

Willem is a classically trained guitarist, and music composer. As a graduate of Tilburg’s College of Music he fell in love with sound and how there’s information behind the notes that communicate an emotional response. With a wide range of knowledge on melody, harmony, and composition he easily translates a concept into music. 

Being well aware of the determinative role music has in modern media, we assist our clients by interpreting their needs with care. Bringing our best in translating an idea, feeling or story into sound with a wide range of expertise and musical knowledge.

We approach audio from a design perspective. Music, sound design an audio post production all contribute to the experience that audio can bring to any project, idea or company, so we like to take care of all aspects of audio for a project.

E J J I works worldwide.

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