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AAPE+ by A Bathing Ape ® Spring / Summer 2019 collection.

Underscoring digital fashion — Hong Kong style

Our friends The Fabricant asked us to score this incredible clip for Aape+.

Our inspiration was drawn from classic Hong Kong cinema, like John Woo's The Killer.

Internal keywords we used:

Additive Synthesis.
Sound Design Heavy.
The Cut.

It's fascinating how fast sound can tell a story, even in just a few seconds.

It has to do with how quick you change from one part of the song to the next, and when you repeat them.

In this film, we introduced our character in his environment and a quick action follows.

We changed the sound significantly to accentuate the second and third part, only to return to the first part at the logo reveal.

We experience the cycle as returning home after our adventure.

We love this stuff!

Client: Aape+ By A Bathing Ape.

Production: The Fabricant, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Role: Sound design.

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