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What is EJJI?

EJJI is an expert team of creative thinkers, sound & industrial designers, founded in 2017 by Joris Tillmans.

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Joris Tillmans

Joris founded EJJI in 2017 to be an innovative music production studio specialised in creating immersive experiences with forward-looking brands and agencies.

The world got to hear his music first through his collaborations with visual artist FrankNitty3000.

"I was looking for a way to showcase my music in a smart way, and working with Frank was it. Through these projects, we essentially used the influence and reach of these global brands to showcase what we were doing."

Joris’ approach is based on juxtaposing different styles, concepts and cultures to find new ways to tell stories in both physical and digital realms. This approach adds an extra layer of context and level of authenticity to the campaigns he's involved in.

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We work towards a common goal to be the go-to audio design studio for creative thinkers and pioneering brands.

We understand disrupters.
Who surprise and excite with everything they do, and aren't afraid of change. Those who see the future and push hard to make it a reality.

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We are an agile and hardworking team who aren't afraid to push things forward with great force.

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