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An early collaboration with FrankNitty3000 for GUCCI.

GUCCI... The biggest Italian brand of all times. More profitable than Ferrari, and loved by generations from the Boomers to Gen X, Y & Z.

Gucci is satisfying all those searching for pop culture with a little bit of nostalgia and newness.

Needles to say that we loved working on this campaign.

Initially, we scored Frank's entry for the
GUCCI 24 hr Ace series and were approached by Gucci to licence the song for their global campaign launch video and website backdrop.

The music is strange. Childish almost.

We chose to use a copy / paste approach to putting the music together. Accentuating the eclectic aesthetic GUCCI is known for since Alessandro Michele was appointed to creative direction in 2015.

Client: GUCCI.

Animations: FrankNitty3000, Hong Kong.

Role: Music production, Sound design.

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