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Music seduces us and pulls us in

Music reflects our time and identity. It seduces us and pulls us into it's vortex of swirling emotions.

Music for brands

We create bespoke music for marketing and communication campaigns, devoting ourselves to quality and originality.
It’s our way of adding personality and emotion to projects we’re involved in, resulting in campaigns that your users will love.


We have plenty of experience in translating the essence of a message into music. In this process, clear communication is key for music is a language of it's own.
This results in campaigns that resonate with all the right audiences.

On time, within budget

Although we strive to outperform our previous achievements and experiment to push things further, sometimes efficiency is more important.
With tight deadlines it’s better to stick to a proven method and make sure quality work is simply delivered in the most effective way.

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Sound Design

Sound design adds clarity and texture

Sound design creates a realistic invironment and brings extra layers to the experience.

Clarity, context & feedback

We are able to add clarity with detailed sound design, or change the context of the story if desired. In games, sound design gives players feedback, immerse them inside the virtual realm and provide an entertaining experience.

Game-changing elements

Because of our backgrounds as electronic music producers, we treat traditional and modern instruments the same as sound effects, ambiances and voices. Sounds that have an impact. Along with timing and contrast they are game-changing elements of modern-day media productions.

Broadcast standards

Since sound design is in essence everything you hear —from sound effects, voice-over, music and ambiances— it's logical that we balance all elements and deliver the final mix compliable to various (broadcast) standards. Our ATC Professional 300A PRO powered mixing room is more than capable of delivering to the highest industry standards.

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Audio Identity

They hear you and recognise you

Preserve recognisability when visual branding disappears

Recognised through sound

With the rise of audio-first media like podcasts and voice activated devices, having a strong audio identity is key. It's simply because all the visual branding dissapears there.
Sonic branding is here to help.

Unified experience

To make your brand recognisable through sound, we create an audio logo, brand anthem, social media leader-pack, branded music library and guidelines among others. Having all these different assets derive from the same core is essential for recognisability and a unified experience.

Full audio system or a starter-kit

We can create a complex and well organised branded audio systems with independent functions and applications, or create a starter-kit with all the necessary assets to get you started the right way.
contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Content creation

Working with a branded audio system is both consistent and efficient. It makes sure your audio is on-brand, easy to scale and maintain. Plus having all your assets ready will speed up your content creation process significantly.

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The future will be immersive

Cutting edge innovations for branded experiences & game audio

What is it?

Spatial audio utilizes the 360-degree technique to simulate reality. Therefore, it lets you hear the audio from all directions.
With this, we can create immersive experiences that are used to entertain, inspire or help the user in any kind of way.


We are able to implement compelling non-linear music and sound design in digital environments, AR / VR, games, live events and installations or other multisensory-experiences.


Audio is critical for immersion and believability in digital realms. The metaverse's potential for instance, will depend heavily on sound and we are eager to explore it, as well as the field of new media design and interactive products.

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