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Gentlemen Powermatic 80 & T-My Lady campaign original audio.

Swiss watch brand Tissot is one of the most respected Swiss luxury brands on the market today.
EJJI was approached to write a song to score the new Powermatic 80 and T-My lady campaigns.

The campaign, directed by France based production company Creative Doing, is visually astonishing. Glamorous, minimalistic, strict and strong.
To enhance these qualities we wrote and produced a song that adds a strong emotion to the campaign.


Our approach was to write a song that feels like it’s a licensed song. The foundation of it is an arpeggiated, ascending melody line. It resembles clockwork mechanics, and feels robust.
The chord progression is building towards an emotional peak, but never looses control. Some subtle harmonics add more colour and richness to the song, making it as appealing as the Tissot brand itself..

Client: Tissot.

Production: Annecy France.

Director: Guillaume Allantaz

Role: Creative direction, Music production, Sound design.

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