Joris Tillmans
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Music & Sound Design for 'UNFADED'

A short film by Stephan Cornelio Velema.

Over the years we've developed a special friendship and working relation with independant film maker Stephan Cornelio Velema.

With his background as a (break-) dancer, and Joris' having a background as a graffiti artist, they share cultures and motivations.

We really loved working on this film. It's mystherious, aesthetically pleasing and the beautifull dancing of
Paleta Calm Quality is amazing.

Age-ing is inevitable and part of the circle of life. Confronting and bitter sweet.
We try to hold on to time slipping, while we could find peace in the present, and let go.

Client: Studio Fuego

Production: Studio Fuego

Directed By: Stephan Cornelio Velema

DoP: Richard Spierings

Colorist: Frans Suis

Role: Music Production, Sound design.

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